Do you want to focus your company to future needs and changing customer requirements? Hereby, I provide advice to the development of a new business strategy.


CreatING ideal Foundations

To create an ideal foundation, a target-oriented market analysis and internal company analysis are crucial to fulfil your customer needs optimally, to gain competitive advantage and to assess objectively potential chances and risks. 


workshop Concept for strategy planning

Using a workshop concept I accompany you during the strategic planning process (based on previous analyses) where we lay together the ground for your strategy and determine the strategic direction and main contents. After setting priorities, I support you in the transformation into a comprehensive strategy including concrete measurements.


Involvement OF EMPLOYEES

Particular focus is given on the involvement of the employees. An open communication based on a communication plan which compases all hierachy levels, helps to  enthuse them about the new orientation of the company. A proven way for this are the use of team workshops to support a two-way-communication.


Implementation-oriented concepts

Now matter how good a strategy is, a consistent implementation and respective follow-up of targets and measurements is key. I accompany you in a target-oriented implementation with tailored action plans and tools.  



Consulting in the development of corporate and business segment strategies
  • Creation of market and company analyses
  • Preparation and faciliation of strategy workshops
  • Drafting of strategy documents
  • Consulting in anchoring the strategy within the company
  • Supporting communication of strategy to employees and drafting of communication plans
  • Advising in the strategy implementation (policy deployment)
  • Creation of action plans